At EACL, we have developed a unique business model that focuses on bringing success and the most positive experiences to our gamers and investors, while also contributing as much as possible to the broader community. To achieve our ultimate goals and overall mission, we are focusing on three core quests, each with its own strategy and intended outcome.

The Player Quest

Objective: Provide amateur gamers with a platform to become pro gamers.

Strategy: We understand that there is a huge gap between amateur gamers and professional gamers, and not a lot of scope or channels for these gamers to cross the divide. Like a number of different industries and careers, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Many gamers – despite how good they are – can’t make the leap from amateur to professional. We’ve made it our mission to provide a platform for gamers to firstly become prize-winning amateurs, with the opportunity to one day become professionals. Find out more about the platform and how we’re achieving this goal here.

Reward: A successful platform with a stellar reputation that will continue to attract and retain new gamers

The Dealership Quest

Objective: Provide a lucrative business opportunity for investors.

Strategy: Through our innovative business model, we put our business partners in the best position to receive the highest return on investment. We offer each and every EACL dealer the training they need to get started, a prospering platform and a no-questions-asked finance policy. We also offer promotional support including advertising, merchandise and marketing assistance to ensure that our dealers are selling all their seats every time. Read more about the business opportunity here.

Reward: Success with a unique business strategy, and a vibrant online gaming community.

The Non-Profit Quest

Objective: Give back to the community on a global scale. 

Strategy: Our unique business model has been specially designed to make contributions to as many non-profit organizations as possible – not just in America but all around the world. Our innovative infrastructure creates a source of funding for non-profit organizations without the need for extensive, ongoing effort. Each EACL dealer works with non-profit organizations that will be given a set number of tickets to sell per category. They’ll receive 50% of each ticket sale, with the opportunity to earn up to $40,000 every single year. Find out more about our social entrepreneurship strategy and goals here. 

Reward: A broad range of benefits to the community on the widest possible scale


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