The EACL WootLoop platform offers a viable business opportunity for investors in an industry that is growing exponentially. By tapping into an untouched part of this market – amateur gamers looking for a way to hit the big time – we’re providing our business partners with an innovative way to make a lasting return on their investment.

With a platform designed to attract and retain eager gamers and a social entrepreneurship strategy that gives back to the community, our holistic business model offers an opportunity you won’t want to miss.


  • We provide the gaming platform, set to attract a significant number of millennials.
  • As a dealer, you’ll be given 96 seats per category, which will be allocated evenly to you as well as your five non-profit organizations.
  • For every ticket your non-profit organizations sell, you’ll make 20%.
  • We take care of advertising, help you with marketing and provide you with strategies to fill your seats. If you’re not making money, we’re not making money.
  • We’ll also help with other promotional strategies such as providing you with WootLoop t-shirts and merchandise to sell. You’ll receive 50% for each piece of merchandise you sell.
  • Every check you receive from us will be a profit for you. We auto-deduct prize money for the month ahead so there’ll be no need for you to handle money.

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