Amateur gaming tournaments that offer gamers a genuine opportunity to win big and maybe even one day make the pros

Any non-professional gamer who loves to play and feels ready with all the right skills and expertise to start making money off their game, is probably also feeling a great deal of frustration. Not knowing where to start, or which platform to choose or even who to talk to about it. The divide between amateur gaming and professional gaming is huge, and it’s not an easy one to cross.

WootLoop exists to bridge this gap. Through our unique platform we offer gamers the opportunity to become prize-winning amateurs that have a shot at one day going pro. We host a huge range of tournaments that offer players a genuine chance to take home prize money, while building up their verifiable hours.

And, at the same time, gamers can feel good knowing that they’re helping the broader community at the same time, thanks to our fundraising scheme that sees select non-profit organizations receiving commission payments for every seat sold.


Players pay a $10 entry fee, and choose from multiple game options. Players take part in round robins to determine who’ll make it through to the qualification rounds, and then to the final round where a prize of $1000, funded entirely by EACL, will be awarded to the winner. This significant prize is the largest payout for a $10 entry fee in the entire industry.

We host 1000 micro-tournaments each with their own $1,000 prize. This makes for a $1 million prize pool, spread out to give more players a shot at taking home a win.

Players are paired with other players of like-skill, to keep the competition as fair as possible and exciting for everyone involved.

Option 2:Unlimited Monthly Tournament Access 
Players also have the option of paying a monthly fee of $20 which gives them 24/7 access to as many tournaments as they like. The prize money at stake for members is $2500 – again, the highest in the industry.

Select high performing members are also chosen to be a part of the EACL ProAm team, an international team sponsored entirely by EACL.

Whichever option a player chooses means they’re able to build their verifiable hours whilst growing their skills, competing for prize money and helping solve community issues. Whatever the outcome, it’s always a win.

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